Legal Rap: From Taxes to Rental Agreements

Yo, yo, yo, let’s talk legal, from taxes to rental,

Jan 1 Illinois laws check it out, what’s the score?

As a business owner, file your taxes right, avoid the IRS fight.

Planning a beach resort, space requirements you can’t distort.

Buying a used car, know your rights, no legal fights.

Canceling a rental agreement, before the big moving.

What does «contracted» mean in Tamil, let’s unravel this legal jam.

Acts of God, a legal term, it’s never calm.

Section 106 agreement, explained for the average gent.

Life safety code egress requirements, no need for confinements.

Legal services jobs, roles and responsibilities, for your employability utilities.

So there you have it folks, legal talk in a rap, take a break before you hit the nap!