Rappin’ Legal: A Mix of Legal Advice and Information

Yo, listen up, let’s talk ‘bout the law

Don’t worry, I got all the info you saw

From contract phones for someone else

To job affirmations that’ll make you feel like a top player

But first, peep the Kendo UI license agreement

Understand the terms, it’s like a legal engagement

Check out the legal age to work in Italy

Make sure you know the rules, it ain’t no pity

Then we got the legal limit for driving

Don’t be dumb, make sure you’re surviving

Are crossbows legal in Oregon?

Check the regulations, avoid the scorn

Hit up the Duke Law Library catalog

Find the resources, don’t lag

Wondering what age you can change your name?

Get the lowdown, don’t play no game

And finally, are verbal agreements binding?

Get the facts, avoid misunderstanding

So there you have it, a mix of legal info

Remember to follow the laws, and always be in the know

Stay strong, stay smart, and always stay legit

Legal knowledge is power, no bull, that’s it!